• Simply sign up and send us your
    coin inventory listing in any format.

  • We'll do the hard work and
    load them into the iKollect Coin Management system, for free!*

Why iKollect?

iKollect performs all the same functions that a typical PC based coin collecting software does, including storing images, researching coin values, and creating reports. But similar to webmail (such as Yahoo Mail, GMail or AOL Mail), iKollect is an online application, so you get so much more!

With iKollect, you'll never have to worry about backing up your data, or reinstalling software when you get a new computer ... and speaking of new computers, iKollect runs on any computer connected to the internet. Old and new versions of Windows©, Mac©, Linux©? All no problem! iKollect even works on PlayStation©, Wii© and Xbox©!

Your iKollect data is even available on the iPad© iPhone©, Blackberry© and other smart phones (with internet connectivity). This new feature makes it easy for you to "virtually" bring your entire collection to coin shows to help you find specific items to complete a collection!

iKollect User Feedback:

  "I had a shoebox full of coins I inherited from my dad. I mailed you guys the list of coins, you loaded the entire inventory into iKollect for me. As soon as it was all in there, I printed out a report and gave to my insurance agent. Too easy! Thanks!" - Jerry from Margate NJ

  "I have a rather large collection of coins (over five thousand coins) and I was keeping track of them in a Microsoft Access database. Your company imported the entire database into iKollect for me and made the transition from my personal database into iKollect quite simple." - John of Avon CT

  "What a terrific website iKollect.com is! I can now view my complete coin inventory from my Motorola Q9h, and easily make purchasing decisions at the coin shows! This is much better than carrying lists of my coins around everywhere!" - Ken in Los Angeles

Safe, Private, Secure

We realize that your coin collection is private to you and although you may want to show off one or two of your coins, you don't necessarily want the world to see your entire collection.

That's why iKollect gives you the option to share some, all, or none of your coin collection located in your private account - an account which is only accessible by using a user-name and password created by you.

Oh sure, if you want to show off, you can turn on sharing for some or all of your coins (it's turned off by default), but without you specifically turning it on, your private collection stays your private collection.

Getting started with iKollect is so easy...if you already have a list of your coins, just send the list, and let us do the hard work. In no time at all, your coin collection appears magically available online!

* we are happy to load your inventory list into iKollect, whether it's in a spreadsheet or
written on notebook paper, however the free inventory entry is limited to your initial new account
load only, and is not available on month-to-month plans