"What a terrific website iKollect.com is! I can now view my complete coin inventory from my Motorola Q9h, and easily make purchasing decisions at the coin shows! This is much better than carrying lists of my coins around everywere!"
- Ken in Los Angeles

Here's How it Works:

Sign up for a new account and you can start entering details of your coins immediately (as well as uploading pictures too)!

If you already have an existing list of your coins and you just want that list imported into your private iKollect account, simply email that file (in any format) to our iKollect Services team. Or if you only have your list on paper, no problem! Just mail us a copy via US Mail.

As soon as we receive your coin inventory list, our iKollect Services team will begin importing that information into the system. You'll start seeing your coin data show up in your account immediately! Remember, it's our goal to make it easy for you!

Using iKollect's exclusive tools, you'll be able to organize your inventory, create reports and lookup coin values (iKollect community determined averages). And since iKollect is an online application, you'll be able to access your coins from your iPhone or other smart phone - and you even have the ability to display one or more of your coins publicly on the web... whether you are trying to sell an item or simply just to show it off!

How do I Get Started?

Simply sign up for an iKollect account and start entering your coin data. If you have an existing inventory list, send it to us in whatever format is easiest for you (xls, csv, txt, notebook paper), using whatever method is easiest for you (email, snail mail, etc.). We'll upload your coin collection data into your private account at no charge*. And with a 30 day risk-free trial, what's to lose?

* we are happy to load your inventory list into iKollect, whether it's in a spreadsheet or written
on notebook paper, however the free coin inventory entry is limited to your initial new account load only