Brenenkeenansmom's 2 Cent Coins - Nice - $9.88 Each

This is Brenenkeenansmom's 2 Cent Coins - Nice - $9.88 Each.

Through mint errors, a number of rare and valuable Lincoln Cents have been produced. Some random errors, such as an off-center strike, slightly increase the value of the coin, and are sought after by niche collectors.However some errors were systemic, and produced a number of coins with the exact same problem in the same year. These have become recognized varieties that are often extremely valuable and sought after by mainstream collectors.

The first Doubled Die error occurred during the production of the 1909 VDB. Not identified until the 1970s, it shows the RTY in Liberty and the 190 of the date slightly doubled. Extremely rare in high grades.

In 1922, no one-cent coins were produced by the Philadelphia Mint. However, three pairs of Denver Mint worn and overly polished dies then produced the Weak D and No D varieties, making them appear as if they had been produced in Philadelphia. Thesevarieties are known as the 1922 plain cents. Collectors must be wary of removed mint marks.

There are a few 1943 cents that were produced in bronze, as opposed to the steel/zinc composition used that year. There are 10 to 12 known to exist.[8] Likewise, a few 1944 cents were produced in steel/zinc.

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